Life Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter 

with JG Group Stevia Canada

Wholesale Stevia

Stevia is a great product to add to your existing line or branch into something new! Carrying the Stevia Canada name and being from Canada are great selling features you can count on, along with the option of using your own brand name to encourage repeat clientele.

We have 3 options available to wholesale re-sellers:

  1. Wholesale Starter Kit – Three choices of combined top selling items to help introduce stevia products to your business. Increase repeat sales by using your own label and promote your own line of Stevia products! Low prices and high return. Find out which products sell best for you and only re-stock the items you need. Inquire for details.
  2. Wholesale – Our high quality products are available at wholesale prices already packaged and labeled. These items are also available with no labels so you may attach your own brand. Low ordering minimum, mix and match flavours, guidance on bestselling items and marketing/sales tips available! Request Wholesale Pricing Today.
  3. Most Popular Option: BUSINESS IN A BOX!

The JG Group Stevia Canada Business in a Box has everything you need to start your own stevia selling business. The packaging and ingredients you need for producing your own stevia products are just a few steps away. We have packed this kit with our best selling products – we’ve done the research for you! In addition, not only does the Business in a Box kit include the best stevia products for re-selling, we give you options, options and more options to customize it!

You can make dozens of products with the Business in a Box kit. Our Option A combo kit has profits of over $200.00 with the kit only costing $75.99. Larger kits are available to increase your profits more! Discounts given when you order multiples. Package, seal and label your own product to increase profits and promote your own brand!

Now that’s a business with margins you can get excited about!


Each product type you order comes with a full description. Get to know your stevia products fully and get them working for you! Who would use it? Why? Pros and Cons? Learn it all with the Business in a Box kit from JG Group Stevia Canada.