Life Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter 

with JG Group Stevia Canada

Which Product Is Best For Me?

Liquid, Extract, Spoonable, Whole Leaf – How do I know which one to use?

As the stevia industry grows, so do your choices. At one time your only choices were either stevia whole leaf powders or the dreaded, gooey whole stevia leaf extract. Through technology and consumer demand new products are constantly under development to meet the growing needs of stevia consumers and to make stevia easier to use in your everyday life.  All of the products we carry have zero carbs and zero calories per serving.  Don’t you too deserve a second helping of guilt-free dessert?

Stevia Max Liquid: #1 Seller for over 18 years! Our Stevia Max Liquid is a water-based, light amber coloured sweet liquid. Approximately 6 drops per serving is recommended for sweetening purposes making this product so convenient to use!  Our Stevia Max Liquid set the stage for others to follow as it was one of the first to be produced and then became available in bulk and was met with high popularity right from the beginning with its great taste, health benefits and ease of use in your home, at the office or while you travel.
With now over 20 flavours, Stevia Max Liquid is the great base used to create our incredible Flavour Essence line of flavoured drops.  Naturally flavourful liquid Stevia drops for your hot and cold beverages, yogurt, whipped cream and anywhere else your imagination takes you!  Whip it up, Jazz it up with Flavour Essence!

All of our liquid products are available in 60ml dropper bottles and by the litre or gallon.

Stevia Max Powder Extract/Concentrate: The most common form of stevia known is the extract and it is typically called for in many stevia recipes.  Our Stevia Max Powder is a specialized blend of stevia glycosides including Rebaudioside A and superior Dulcosides too! Let’s not get bogged down with scientific jargon, Stevia Max Powder lets the taste speak for itself! Stevia Max Powder does not have any other ingredients added and this fine white powder is sure to wow your taste buds with its intense sweetness that is approximately 250 times sweeter than sugar.  Use a toothpick to serve into your tea or coffee! As a well-known form of stevia, this powder is recommended for baking and commercial sweetening purposes as it is our mainstay product for manufacturers of baked goods, a wide range of beverages, confectionaries and jams.

Stevia Max Powder is available in 25g, 100g, 500g and by the kg.

Spoonable Stevia:  A welcomed answer to all of those seeking a more convenient way to use the intensely sweet Stevia Max Powder on a daily basis!  Our Spoonable Stevia is a blend of Stevia Max Powder and Inulin (extracted from a variety of fruits and vegetables). Being only 6 times sweeter than sugar this product can be spooned or sprinkled onto foods. Our Spoonable Stevia has gained a devoted following that have made this product a daily part of their sweetening habit.

Spoonable Stevia is available in 150g or 300g shaker jar and by the kg.

Whole Leaf Stevia: Our whole leaf stevia products come in two forms; tea cut or fine powder (mesh 80). Tea cut is perfect for tea and sprinkling on your salads etc. The fine powder is used for skin care and oral hygiene typically. This product is 30 times sweeter than sugar and does contain a mixture of flavours brought to it by the other parts of the leaf. Individuals on whole food diets or raw diets use this form of stevia for baking purposes and in their everyday cooking lifestyle.  Ever seen green fresh banana bread? It was probably made with stevia whole leaf powder!

Stevia Whole Leaf Tea is available by the kg and Stevia Whole Leaf Powder is available in 100g, 500g and by the kg.