Stevia Max Powder Extract (25g-100g)


Fine, white stevia extract powder with no other added ingredients.  250 – 300X sweeter than sugar.

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This intensely sweet powder has been our mainstay product for 20+ years and is the #1 choice for manufacturers.  Being a proprietary blend of specialized glycosides found within the stevia leaf, we let the taste of this concentrate extract speak for itself.

Known as both a stevia extract and a stevia concentrate, Stevia Max Powder is a versatile natural sweetener for your kitchen or production plant with no added ingredients and no fillers.  Perfect for baking and is the product called for in many stevia recipes!  Use sparingly, 1/32 tsp is enough to sweeten a cup of coffee – use a toothpick!

This is simply stevia at its best! Derived from the stevia plant using the best and highest quality glycosides within each leaf. This natural sweetener is a great alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

No carbs, no calories and is great tasting.  Super sweetness with no bitterness.