Life Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter 

with JG Group Stevia Canada

Spoonable Stevia – Shaker Jar (150g or 300g)


Stevia blend to fit on a spoon!



A welcomed answer to those seeking a more convenient way to use the intensely sweet Stevia Max Powder!  Our Spoonable Stevia is a blend of Stevia Max Powder and Inulin (extracted from a variety of fruits and vegetables). Being only 6 times sweeter than sugar this product can be spooned or sprinkled onto foods compared to Stevia Max Powder that is served with a toothpick.

Zero calories and carbs!  NO maltodextrin, erythritol or silica – only the healthiest and best for our Spoonable Stevia.

Our Spoonable Stevia has gained a devoted following that have made this product a daily part of their sweetening habit.