Gift of Health


Choose from 5 flavour combo options.

They will receive 4 X 60ml bottles of stevia liquid; 1 60ml squeeze bottle of our #1 selling Stevia Max Liquid and 3 Flavour Essence Sweetening Drops.



Stevia Max Liquid  & Sweetening Drops is sweetness at its best!

Zero carbohydrates and zero calories!  Using a proprietary blend of specialized glycosides found within the stevia leaf, we let the taste speak for itself!

Whip it Up, Jazz it Up, Spice it Up!

Naturally flavourful liquid Stevia drops for your hot and cold beverages, yogurt, whipped cream and anywhere else your imagination takes you!

Try them in your hot beverages, sparkling water, smoothies, cereals and ice cubes for a sweet flavour burst!

Zero calories & carbs per serving!  No sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Over 1000 Drops per 60ml.


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