Scrumptious Caramel Stevia Drops

Our Flavour Essence line of products is a best seller for its taste and convenience.

Life is about to get a whole lot sweeter!


Whip it Up, Jazz it Up, Spice it Up!

Naturally flavourful liquid Stevia drops for your hot and cold beverages, yogurt, whipped cream and anywhere else your imagination takes you!

Try them in your sparkling water, favourite beverage, smoothies, cereals and ice cubes for a sweet flavour burst!

Rich, authentic caramel sweetness for your coffee and desserts!

Zero calories & carbs per serving!  No sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Over 1000 Drops per 60ml. Made with our specialized stevia extract powder, purified spring water, flavour extract(s), Vitamin C and potassium sorbate.

Also available in gallons and with bulk pricing discounts when ordering over 10 Litres of any flavour combos. Please see our Bulk Information page for details.