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Stevia Max Powder - Concentrate/Extract

This intensely sweet powder has been our mainstay product for 20+ years and is the #1 choice for manufacturers.  Being a proprietary blend of specialized glycosides found within the stevia leaf, we let the taste of this concentrate extract speak for itself. Known as both a stevia extract and a stevia concentrate, Stevia Max Powder is a versatile natural sweetener for your kitchen or production plant with no added ingredients and no fillers.  Perfect for baking and is the product called for in many stevia recipes!  Use sparingly, 1/32 tsp is enough to sweeten a cup of coffee – use a toothpick! This is simply stevia at its best! Derived from the stevia plant using the best and highest quality glycosides within each leaf. This natural sweetener is a great alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. No carbs, no calories and is great tasting.  Super sweetness with no bitterness.

Stevia Max Liquid Sweetening Drops

# 1 Seller for its taste and convenience! Well known for its convenience and taste! Naturally flavourful with no aftertaste.  Approx 5 drops equals one teaspoon of sugar sweetness. (500 Drops per 30ml / 1oz)  Stevia Max Liquid Sweetening Drops is sweetness at its best! Zero carbohydrates and zero calories!  Using a proprietary blend of specialized glycosides found within the stevia leaf, we let the taste speak for itself. Spring water based. No glycerine, no alcohol and non-bitter. Ingredients: Stevia Extract Max Powder, purified water, Vitamin C and potassium sorbate.

Stevia Max Liquid DIY Powder Pouch

Well known for its convenience and taste Stevia Max Liquid DIY Pouch is naturally flavourful with no aftertaste. Approx 5 drops equals one teaspoon of sugar. (500 Drops per 30ml/1 fl oz) Ingredients: Stevia Concentrate Powder,purified water,Vitamin C and potassium sorbate. Just add water formula! This stevia concentrate powder is used to make the great tasting Max Liquid and comes with easy to follow heating and preparation instructions. Save on shipping costs! Stevia Max Liquid base is a specialized blend of stevia glycosides. Years of research and trials have resulted in a high quality, oh-so sweet healthy alternative.  No aftertaste, pure sweetness!

Stevia Flavoured Drops - Flavour Essence

Whip it Up, Jazz it Up, Spice it Up! Naturally flavourful liquid Stevia drops for your hot and cold beverages, yogurt, whipped cream and anywhere else your imagination takes you! Try them in your sparkling water, favourite beverage, smoothies, cereals and ice cubes for a sweet flavour burst! Zero calories & carbs per serving!  No sugar or artificial sweeteners. Over 1000 Drops per 60ml / 2 fl oz. Made with our specialized stevia extract powder, purified spring water, flavour extract(s), Vitamin C and potassium sorbate. Also available by the gallon and with bulk pricing discounts when ordering over 10 Litres of any flavour combos. Please see our Bulk Information page for details.

Spoonable Stevia

A welcomed answer to those seeking a more convenient way to use the intensely sweet Stevia Max Powder!  Our Spoonable Stevia is a blend of Stevia Max Powder and Inulin (extracted from a variety of fruits and vegetables). Being only 6 times sweeter than sugar this product can be spooned or sprinkled onto foods compared to Stevia Max Powder that is served with a toothpick.   Zero calories and carbs!  NO maltodextrin, erythritol or silica – only the healthiest and best for our Spoonable Stevia. Our Spoonable Stevia has gained a devoted following that have made this product a daily part of their sweetening habit.

Tablets - Swizz Stevia

Drop one or two of these intense SWIZZ sweetening tablets into your beverage and watch it pop and fizz as it enhances your drink into a haven of sweetness.Ingredients: erythritol, pure Stevia Max powder extract, leucine, sodium carbonate, tartaric acid.

Stevia Tea
100% Stevia whole leaves cut and sifted.


Stevia Tea made from the whole leaf. This ancient tea is also known as Stevia rebaudiana, Sweet Leaf, Sweet Tea, Yerba Dulce and Honey Leaf. Each leaf is over 30X sweeter than sugar and full of nutrients.

Now enjoy the sweet and healthy benefits of stevia in your teacup. Pure, high quality whole leaf stevia.

Add it to your favorite tea blend or this sweet, healthy and earthy tea is a perfect match with our raspberry, peppermint or strawberry Flavour Essence Stevia Drops. Sweeten with Stevia Max Liquid for a calorie and carbohydrate free sweet cuppa.

Stevia Whole Leaf Powder
100% Stevia whole leaf in a fine powder

Whole green stevia leaf powder free of any added ingredients, additives or preservatives. This fine (mesh 80) powder is packed full of phytonutrients and minerals. Historically the stevia whole leaf was used for skin care and oral hygiene as studies have shown that stevia leaves are a natural astringent.

Our Stevia Whole Leaf Powder is 30 times sweeter than sugar and contains a mixture of flavours brought to it by the other parts of the leaf. Earthy, sweet and wholesome. Individuals on whole food diets or raw diets use this form of stevia for baking purposes and in their everyday cooking lifestyle. Ever seen green fresh-made banana bread? It was probably made with stevia whole leaf powder!

Try in your smoothies or salads!

Cocoa Sweet
A delicious chocolaty and sweet treat. Perfect for mixing with hot water or milk, use in your baking and also for flavouring a variety of foods. Try some sprinkled on your yogurt!

No added sugar, artificial sweeteners or maltodextrin. All natural ingredients for an amazing taste!

Pair with our Flavour Essence Stevia Drops in peppermint, orange or hazelnut for a power packed mug of flavour!


  • 1kg = 2.2lbs
  • 1 Litre = 33.8 fl. oz.

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