Life Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter 

with JG Group Stevia Canada

Our Company

“It started with a spark. A gut feeling that this was something incredible. Stevia. Never heard of it before, but it sounded fascinating. Thoughts, plans and ideas started flooding my mind.” Those were the words written by Stevia Canada’s founder back in the late 90’s.  Since then the business has continued to share the original excitement for this little plant and has been on an incredible journey.

Starting from a line of 8 cups on a countertop, each being used to sample and learn about a different stevia, all the way to over 20 years later an international stevia supplier of a multitude of products for varying industries.  Stevia Canada has continued to bring stevia to the mainstream with focus being on customer service, marketing with integrity and a healthier lifestyle for their clients.

Through this journey, an idea grew into the first and founding stevia company in Canada.  From retail, wholesale and bulk to international consulting, Stevia Canada has been a long-term member of the stevia industry.

In dealing with stevia exclusively, our years of experience and research have been solely on the types, qualities, supply and inner workings of the stevia trade.  The plant, Stevia rebaudiana, has many components within different areas of the plant. We know what to look for, where to find it and how to use it.  Not all stevia is the same, not all extraction methods are the same. Our knowledge, expertise and longstanding stevia involvement is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our consulting motto; from seed to market, said it all.  Every aspect of the stevia industry has been researched and practiced.  From lectures, demonstrations, presentations and training seminars, Stevia Canada has been there.

Today, JG Group Stevia Canada, continues to set the standard.  Always focused on innovation and quality we have been a leader and creator of many products seen on the market today.

We look forward to the future and are always thankful to our partners and customers that have joined us on this incredible journey.

Don’t you too deserve seconds of a guilt-free dessert?