Life Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter 

with JG Group Stevia Canada

Sweetness Conversions and Baking with Stevia

No matter if you are seeking a healthier lifestyle, to cut calories and sugars or you need to curb your sugar intake for health matters, Stevia Canada JG Group definitely has the answer for you in our great tasting and convenient to use stevia products!

Our stevia can be successfully used in recipes as it does not breakdown with heating, has zero calories or carbs and comes in powder and liquid forms.  You may alter your existing recipes with a few tips kept in mind, but we recommend using a recipe formulated for stevia whenever possible.

Send us your recipes and feedback!  We would love to try them out in our test kitchen and share them with your fellow customer.

Baking with Stevia

Tips and Tricks

When removing all of the sugar from a recipe and replacing it with stevia, increase the liquid amount in the recipe ie: milk, water, fruit puree, juice or plain yogurt. Experiment with combining two different substitutes to get your best results!  Fruits will make your baking end result lighter where yogurt will make it richer.  You need to plan on adding 1/3 cup of liquid for every cup of sugar you will be removing from the recipe.

If you do not require diabetic safe recipes, but would like low calories, you may remove most of the sugar from your recipe and only add a small amount of sugar and some stevia.  This is a great trick for those that wish to slowly change over to stevia completely.  It is a middle step on the journey to being completely sugar-free.

Baked goods do not brown when using stevia as they do with sugar, so insert a toothpick into the centre to test for doneness.

Some breads will not rise without sugar to activate the yeast but there are many stevia bread recipes for you to try.  Banana Bread with stevia is incredibly delicious!

Whisk stevia into egg whites before adding to a batter.

Do not use stevia substitution in a caramelization process.

Stevia blends well with the flavours of lemon, vanilla and carob.

If the recipe calls for the use of a blender, add stevia at the beginning of the blending.

Happy baking and remember to keep sending in your stevia recipes!