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A Few Tips When Using Stevia

Do not use in place of honey, or in carmelization, as it may alter the consistency of a recipe.

When removing all of the sugar from a recipe and replacing it with stevia, increase the liquid amount in the recipe ie: milk, water or eggs. Not too many eggs though as it may make your recipe tough. Applesauce is a great bulk substitution.

If you do not require diabetic safe recipes, but would like low calories, you may remove most of the sugar from your recipe and only add a small amount of sugar and some stevia.

Baked goods do not brown when using stevia as they do with sugar, so insert a toothpick into the centre to test for doneness.

Some breads will not rise without sugar to activate the yeast. Although there has been some reports of successful bread making with stevia.

Whisk stevia into egg whites before adding to a batter.

Stevia blends well with the flavours of lemon, vanilla and carob.

If the recipe calls for the use of a blender, add stevia at the beginning of the blending.

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