Issue #1 : Learning From Ancient Wisdom

Life just got a whole lot sweeter ...

 What if there were a natural dietary supplement that was 300 times sweeter than sugar had zero calories, no carbohydrates and no alcohol, prevented cavities was and beneficial for teeth, not only diabetic safe but studies showed it to be pancreas nourishing, did not cause hyperactivity was heat stable making it great for cooking and baking, was widely and safely used by countries around the world, was a safer alternative to artificial sweeteners, and had no known contraindications?

 If there were - wouldn't you then have seconds of that guilt-free dessert?  Read Further To Learn More!

Stevia Canada invites you to learn more about the plant Stevia rebaudiana.

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Stevia can be successfully used in recipes as it does not breakdown with heating.
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Since pre-Columbian times the indigenous natives have collected stevia from the rainforests to use as a sweetener, to treat diabetes, hypertension, and to keep skin looking young. More information at

Stevia has been used with success to treat many ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure, gingivitis, digestion ailments, addictions,  topically for acne and other skin ailments and also as a wonderful weight loss aid.  Learn more at

All our products are guaranteed Stevia rebaudiana to ensure a high level of quality and potency. More information at

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