Issue #4 : More Than A Sweetener

Stevia is more than a natural sweetener .... read further to learn more of its amazing features. Also, stevia quality under fire! Learn what high quality stevia really means.

Stevia is quickly gaining attention for its intense yet healthy sweetening, but there is much more to stevia than its taste. As an antibacterial and antimicrobial, stevia is proving itself over and over again for its wide and amazing uses. Read further to learn how to stop a toothache, finally find gum disease relief and rid yourself of acne and other bothersome skin ailments. Visit

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2002 started out with a bang at Stevia Canada as our "Oral Heal" tooth powder sales jumped drastically. Sold in a 15gm or 60gm jar, this custom blend of herbs is gaining a reputation for excellence. A must for every bathroom, this powerful powder cleans and heals.

CLEANING: To bring out the whiteness and brightness of your teeth; place a small amount on your moist toothbrush. Gently brush teeth as usual. Rinse.

Our Nourishing Skin Cream is gaining recognition for its healing properties. Reported relief attained within moments of application, from sunburn, eczema, rashes, acne, insect bites, bee stings, cuts, diaper rash and a variety of other skin inflictions. Our Nourishing Skin Cream has succeeded where other methods have failed. Relieves, heals and prevents. See item# R8001 and R8002 on our products page

Steviosides and Rebaudiosides:

Within each stevia leaf are glycosides (the sweetening agents of the leaf). Some of the main glycosides found are stevioside, rebaudioside A, rebaudioside C and dulcoside A. According to Canadian government reports, the stevioside ratio in leaves is more than double that of rebaudioside A. Stevioside is therefore the most plentiful, economical and most commonly used in stevia concentrate powders. The aftertaste of steviosides is minimal, but the aftertaste of rebaudioside A is even less. According to the Canadian Government reports on stevia, rebaudioside A only makes up an average of 3% of the glycosides in a stevia leaf. Buyer beware on the stevia market. We had someone write to us asking us why another company was selling their stevia at the same price but with 80% steviosides and 40% rebaudioside A, therefore claiming superior quality. The truthful contents of a powder can only add up to 100%. We will let you do the math on that one. Stevia Canada provides quality customer service and we stand behind our products. You can trust Stevia Canada. We are exclusively stevia! In March 2002 our clients will begin to have the choice of quality, we will be offering mid-range and high range rebaudioside A content in our powders. Our clients will be able to knowledgeably choose for themselves.

Bulk stevia concentrate powder, whole leaf powder and liquid now available to our wholesale clients. Please contact our office for details. Large amounts shipped worldwide. High quality product and competitive prices.

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