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Stevia … More than a sweetener

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New Reference Articles 

The Philippine Congress has prohibited the importation or the use of aspartame, punishable by heavy fines.  Read full article

Continued Health Concerns Over Artificial Sweeteners Despite Industry Growth.   Read full article.


Swedish study finds obesity rate decreased in sugar-free schools
From the Agence France Presse English (Mon 23 Apr 2007)
A Karolinska Institute study showed that Stockholm schools that banned sweets, buns and soft drinks saw the number of overweight children drop by six percentage points in four years. The number of overweight or obese six-to-10-year-olds dropped from 22 to 16 percent in the 10 Stockholm schools that participated in the study by banning sweets and introducing healthier lunches, the Swedish research institute said in a statement. A control group of schools that did not introduce specific food regulations saw the number of overweight or obese children rise from 18 to 21 percent. The results of the project were to be presented on Monday in Budapest at an international conference on obesity.

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More than a sweetener 

Studies now show that stevia’s benefits include: pancreas nourishment, blood sugar regulation, stabilization of high blood pressure, digestive aid, prevention of tooth and gum decay, suppression of cravings, safe for diabetics and candida sufferers and as a great weight loss aid: the native Guaraní knew their stevia well!

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Spotlight on Products 

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