Issue #14: The Gift Of Health

Why not give the gift of health with a variety of stevia products for friends and family.

Below is a list of customer favourites and why these items are so popular. 

Liquid: Our top selling item that is convenient to use and tastes great.  Naturally preserved in a base of spring water.  Only a few drops per serving to sweeten food or beverages. 

Spoonable: A blend of stevia concentrate powder (min 80% Reb A content) and chicory root extract and erythritolA wonderful tasting and healthy alternative.  Can be used in beverages and for baking.  More convenient than concentrate powder. 

Cocoa:  Enjoy a cup of sweet cocoa!  The original hot cocoa hailed from the Aztecs thousands of years ago.  They used a mixture of ground cocoa beans, water, wine and peppers.  The Spaniards started adding sugar to the cocoa and the English started adding milk to this recipe in the 1600's.  You too can enjoy 2 ancient flavours, cocoa and stevia, combined for a warm mug of sweet smoothness.   

Flavour Essences:Our top selling product, Max 80 Stevia Liquid, now has more to offer! Whip it up, jazz it up and spice it up! All new naturally flavoured drops for your hot and cold beverages, yogurt, whip cream and any where else your imagination takes you. Smooth citrus orange, deep satisfying cinnamon, earthly almond and refreshing peppermint ... Mmmm ... the flavours of life!  

Gift Packages: Lovely gifts packaged in a keepsake box.  Can be delivered directly to the gift recipient.  A wonderful gift for Stevia lovers and those new to the stevia lifestyle. Beautifully packaged in a keepsake gift box, this present is sure to please. A great gift of health! 

Variety Packages: Save when you purchase stevia products in variety packages.  Three sizes to choose from.   

For no extra charge you can have the order shipped directly to the gift recipient with a gift card.  Please make note in the comments section of your order, be sure to include the recipients full name, address and a message for the gift card.  The invoice will be mailed to you.

Have any questions?

Email us, we would be glad to answer your Stevia questions.

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