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The Latest Buzz 

Another competitor enters the ring in the bottle of the sweeteners

But this one has a secret partner! 

Honey production is a lucrative business and it generates a great amount of employment in the Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, India.  The beekeepers in this district are a pioneer in honey production and depend solely on the flow season for improving their economic condition. 

The Apis cerana, a domesticated bee species, found in the south India is the most preferred as it produces 8kg to 10kg of honey on average. In the lean season, or otherwise known as winter, beekeepers are trained to give artificial feeding by administrating sugar syrup to the bees at least once a week.  By doing so, the quantity or yield per box would increase to 15kg to 20kg.  However the quality of the honey decreases due to sugar syrup feedings. 

In an effort to motivate beekeepers to produce a sugar-free herbal honey, the government has introduced a new beekeeping system in Pradesh, India.  These bees will be fed Stevia leaves instead of sugar-syrup, hoping to obtain a sugar free honey.  Being an all natural sweetener, Stevia also acts as an attractant for the bees. These leaves will not only be helpful during the lean season, but the rainy season as well when bees are unable to fly out in search of food. 

Sugar free honey is much in world demand not only by diabetics but also by those concerned about weight gain and those seeking a healthier lifestyle. 

Christmas Already?

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New Products Released

Flavour Essences

Naturally flavourful liquid Stevia drops for your hot and cold beverages, yogurt, whipped cream and any where else your imagination takes you! Available in Almond, Orange, Cinnamon and Peppermint flavours.  To order, please visit and select Flavoured Essence .For more product information please see our new products page.


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