Issue #8: New And Improved - Stevia Canada Has Expanded!

Welcome to our New Retail mail order company division.

To ensure fast and accurate retail service, Stevia Canada has appointed JG Group as their sole retail distributor. Using the same high quality product, JG Group will be be supplying you with the whole range of stevia and stevia related products.

As of March 1, 2006 JG Group will be responsible for all retail order received by Stevia Canada. Superb customer service combined with high quality products will ensure that all clients are satisfied to the fullest.

"It is a win - win combination", states Jon Gross, owner of JG Group. "Stevia Canada is providing the supreme quality stevia, and we will guarantee fast order processing and the highest level of customer service."

Stevia Compared to Standard Sugar

Many flavoured drink crystals require you to add your own sugar.  Some, as much as a cup of standard white sugar. I dont know about your kids, but my kids have enough energy as it is, let alone adding more sugar to their diet.  With Max 80 Powder, you only add a teaspoon...not a cup.  In a busy household you may make a jug of this drink per week least!

Switching to stevia may not save you $ per day, but it sure will add health benefits not only for your children, but yourself as well! Try Max 80 powder and see!

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