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1) MIDNIGHT SUCCESS: Canada’s First Nations and Stevia Make a Winning Team


- Dogs Love Stevia

- And Piglets Do Too!

- Feedback

3) THIS HERBS’S FOR HEALTH "Surprising News on the Treatment of High Blood Pressure"

4) TASTE BUDS "More Cooking Tips for Stevia"

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1) MIDNIGHT SUCCESS: Canada’s First Nations and Stevia Make a Winning Team

In Canada’s Yukon Territory in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" a tender South American plant called stevia is thriving. Thanks to the ingenuity and daring of the Little Salmon, Carmacks First Nation, a native band which has roots in the area going back to prehistoric times, this transplanted herb is showing signs of changing lives, in more ways than one. Here is how Dawn Charlie, Implementation Researcher involved in this project, describes their adventure into agriculture.

Carmacks, Yukon, is located a few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle in northern Canada. Today it is -40 degrees outside - the kind of weather that when you start driving your vehicle you have to go slowly since the tires are "square," and if you go too fast you will end up with four flat tires to change . . . in what is definitely not tire-changing weather.

So why did we ever think up a project such as growing a plant native to South America in the frozen north? Good question. Well I have friends who are growing grapes in their greenhouses and other people are growing apples - so why not stevia? The price of stevia is higher than many other herbal crops and the qualities of stevia seemed very appealing. There seems to be a high rate of diabetes among First Nation people and so except that our climate was very much different than where the plant originated from, I thought we could try to see if it could be grown here…… or not.

To read more of this article please see

SteviaCanada wishes Dawn, Shirley and all the members of the Little Salmon, Carmacks First Nation good luck in this exciting and innovative venture in growing stevia and we hope soon to hear them say, "There’s gold in them thar stevia plants!"



Dogs Love Stevia . . . Piglets do Too! . . . Feedback


Does it surprise you to know that dog food manufacturers add stevia to their product so that Bowser and Fido will like it better?

Like humans, dogs love sweet tastes (cats don’t care - they have no receptors for sweetness on their tongues). If a feed mix isn’t palatable to a dog then it will eat less and not get the benefit of all the nutrients and added vitamins in the feed. Sugar and corn syrup are used by some manufacturers but they provide only "empty calories" and may encourage obesity in the pet and lead to blood glucose problems.

But studies have shown that the addition of stevia to dog food safely increases the palatability and can provide obese and diabetic dogs with the sweet taste they love!


Not to be outdone by well-fed canines, young porcine recruits have done their bit too for science.

Studies from Vietnam and Germany have shown that stevia increases piglet growth and the palatability of piglet food. Because these young animals prefer sweet flavours, feed manufacturers add stevia to the feed thus increasing the amount eaten by the piglets. Saccharine leaves a bitter aftertaste that the piglets don’t like, so manufacturers have turned to stevia instead to provide just that right touch of sweetening!

FEEDBACK "They Love us in New York!" Here’s an email we received recently. It was a real day-brightener for us!:

Dear Stevia Canada: I received your package yesterday. Thank you very much for your generous gift. Your claim to "no aftertaste" is well deserved. You have now an avid promoter of your product here in New York.

Best Regards,

- A.E.


Thanks for the confirmation . . . And the great products. I have many customers tell me that they have tried numerous brands of stevia and yours is the best. (I totally agree . . . )

Best Wishes,

- M.B., Ontario


Thanks for the Stevia Max liquid. It is very good.

- L.S., Germany


We tasted your product and it is really excellent!.

- M.K., India


I just received my order. Thanks. I really love the Sweet Lips.

- R.N., Ontario


We would love to hear from you - what you think of this issue, what suggestions you have for us, and what questions you have about stevia and its uses. Just email the editor at


3) THIS HERB’S FOR HEALTH "Surprising News on the Treatment of High Blood Pressure"

As very young children we learn to equate blood with hurt, blood with death. - all the gory stuff! Even at an early age we sense that blood and life are inextricably linked.

Later we learn the details about the vital roles that this red fluid plays in keeping us hale and healthy. We learn that this life-sustaining liquid courses through little narrow tubes in our bodies called arteries and veins.

Later still (maybe with some dismay), we may be reminded of Mr. Carswell’s high school physics’ lessons. Remember when you were daydreaming about the Friday night dance, he droned on and on about the mechanics of pressure, fluid and resistance? Now, this lesson may suddenly seem much more important.

When our arterial walls put up too much resistance to the flow of blood, hypertension, a damaging yet sometimes "silent" condition is the result. Surprise, as well as dismay, is the usual response for many of us when this condition is first diagnosed. But there is much that you can do to alleviate this disease with the decidedly discomforting name of the "silent killer."

There is some mystery in this condition, for most of the time its cause is not clearly understood and its presence is not obvious. As most of North Americans are now aware, blood pressure readings are made up of two numbers such as 120/90 or 155/110. The first number is the systolic reading which measures the pressure of the blood when the heart is contracting, and the second number is the diastolic reading taken when the heart is resting between contractions.

Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure (usually after three separate readings that are over 140/90) you’ll find yourself counseled and probably medicated by your doctor.Drugs are effective in controlling blood pressure but also may carry other risks. And so you’re also likely to become interested in the causes and alternative treatments of this complex condition.

Causes range from other medical conditions such as kidney or heart disease to lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, diet, lack of exercise and that "biggie," stress.

Alternative treatments include dietary changes (increased fruit, vegetables, foods containing essential fatty acids, and vitamin C, for example).

Herbal medicine can be effective in treating borderline to mild cases of hypertension. Of special importance are hawthorn (improves the strength of the heart muscle), valerian (relaxes blood vessels and central nervous system), guelder rose (relaxes the muscle coat surrounding blood vessels), yarrow (dilates the peripheral blood vessels), lime blossom (diuretic and antispasmodic properties), and dandelion (a powerful diuretic).

Stevia can now be added to this list.

A double-blind placebo-controlled study of the effectiveness and tolerability of oral stevioside (a natural plant glycoside isolated from Stevia rebaudiana)in human hypertension was carried out in 2000 in Taiwan. Blood pressure was seen to drop significantly in the subjects receiving 250 mg capsules of stevioside three times daily. No adverse effects were observed and this study concluded that "oral stevioside is a well-tolerated and effective modality that may be considered as an alternative or supplementary therapy for patients with hypertension."

High blood pressure is treatable. Consult your health professional, educate yourself, and set yourself on a course of beneficial lifestyle changes. Your reward will be increased health and vigour!

To read the full report and other stevia studies, please see

You my want to try our Stevia concentrate capsules or other products


4) TASTE BUDS "More Cooking Tips for Stevia"


We have all read the news that chocolate has beneficial effects on one’s mood: apparently by releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, chocolate makes you feel better. True chocolate lovers have always known this! Well, now there’s even better news: your chocolate can be calorie, sugar and fat free, and yet still give you than chocolate flavour and chocolate "high" that we all love. We here at Stevia Canada are proud to announce our new product: "Rich ‘n’ Free" Chocolate Syrup. Perfect for ice cream, baking, desserts, and beverages. With this chocolate you can have a guilt-free second serving!

Spoon "Rich ‘n’ Free" onto your ice cream, cake or pudding. Stir it into a mug of hot milk. Spread it onto a whole wheat cracker. Dip fresh fruit into its dark chocolate richness . . . free from calories, fat or sugar!

Here is another chocolate-sweet recipe submitted by a reader. In this recipe stevia combines with cocoa and sweet potatoes (high in fibre!) to produce a rich and decadent mousse.

Chocolate Mousse

2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled, cooked until soft and mashed

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa

1 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped

1 ½ tsp vanilla

1 tsp stevia liquid concentrate

In a large bowl combine sweet potatoes, cocoa, vanilla and stevia. Mix until well blended. Fold in whipped cream to the sweet potato mixture and blend until smooth. Spoon into serving dishes. May be served warm or chilled. Top with walnuts, almonds or carob chips, and more whipped cream if desired. Delicious!

More recipes can be found at



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