Issue #3: The Gift Of Health

Christmas Wishes ... two ways to save. Giving you the gift of health!

Learn more about and enjoy the benefits of stevia .... sweeter than sugar with no calories and diabetic safe!

Stevia Canada invites you to learn more about the plant Stevia rebaudiana.

We ship worldwide retail, wholesale and bulk!

Getting The Word Out:
Our president, Jolene Oliver, recently gave an interview with CTV news.

Another new product soon to be available, stevia whole leaf tablets. Our next newsletter will have the details of how to conveniently get all the benefits of stevia without the intense sweetening.

We are proud to be a company of integrity that offers competitive prices, world wide shipping, and quality products. Our website covers topics such as history, benefits, recipes, FAQ's, feedback, government studies and more!

Each newsletter contains news, interesting information and special offers.  Time sensitive special offers have been removed from archives newsletters.


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