5 Ws of Stevia Whole Leaf Powder


                                            Who                            Who should use stevia?

                                                                                Diabetics and people with Candida

Anyone trying to lose weight, find a healthy alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners.

                                                                                People seeking overall improved health.

                                            What                           What is in Stevia Leaf Powder?

There are no additional ingredients. Stevia Leaf Powder is a fine powder (mesh 80) made from whole leaf.

                                            When                          When should this product be used?

Since it is the whole leaf it is approx 30X sweeter than sugar, is not pure sweetness as the other plant components are still present. Uses on the skin are becoming very popular!

                                            Where                         Where can I use this?

TThis is a popular form of stevia for use in commercial applications, for people on raw or whole food diets and as a skin aid.

                                            Why                            Why should someone use Stevia Leaf Powder?

The rich green powder is full of vitamins and nutrients. The sweetness and natural tastes of stevia come through when used.

                                            How                            How do I use Stevia Leaf Powder?

Stevia tea for an upset stomach, sprinkled on your salads or anywhere you wish to add a touch of healthy sweetness. This product is also used on the skin for blemishes, wrinkles etc. It is available in 20g or 40g jars, 100g, 500g or by the kilogram bulk.

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