5 Ws of Stevia Max Liquid


                                            Who                            Who should use stevia?

                                                                                Diabetics and people with Candida

Anyone trying to lose weight, find a healthy alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners.

                                                                                People seeking overall improved health.

                                            What                           What is in Stevia Max Liquid?

Ingredients include Stevia Max concentrate powder, pure spring water and natural preservatives. There is NO glycerine, alcohol, asparatame, sucralose or sugar.

                                            When                         When should this product be used?

You can use this product anywhere you would use a sweetener, in your tea, coffee, juice mixes and for baking.

                                            Where                         Where can I use this?

Take the dropper bottle with you anywhere! Home, office or at your favourite restaurant.

                                            Why                            Why should someone use Stevia Max Liquid?

It should be used anytime you wish to have something sweet but without the calories or carbohydrates. Children do not become hyperactive and their teeth are not harmed by stevia. Diabetics have no concern over this product increasing their blood glucose levels.

                                            How                            How do I use Stevia Max Liquid?

Three drops of Stevia Max Liquid is the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar.

This liquid can also be used on your skin to help clear blemishes. Apply, wait 20 minutes and rinse.

Use this product as part of your daily oral hygiene care. A couple of drops in your mouthwash or on your toothpaste makes a great tasting antibacterial.

                                                                                Available in 30ml or 60ml dropper bottle, 500ml or 1 litre refill bottle.

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